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The Hyundai Equus is a full sized sedan manufactured by Hyundai since 1999 as their luxury fully loaded vehicle, an Equus limousine was also launched in Korea and parts of Asia. The "equus" name comes from the Latin word for "horse". The first Hyundai Equus was manufactured in conjunction with Mitsubishi competing with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Lexus LS which is manufactured by Toyota, while the first generation Equus was very successful in Korea and China, not too many of them were imported to Canada.

Hyundai Equus canada 13The second generation Hyundai Equus was unveiled in 2009 with a unique rear-wheel drive platform, while it continues to be Hyundai's full-sized sedan it doesn't compete directly with the Hyundai Genesis which is significantly shorter and sportier. The new Equus was designed as a cost effective alternative to the Audi A8 BMW 7 Series which is also available in a extended-length limousine version. The Equus was unveiled at the North American Auto Show in 2010 and was on Forbes list of "10 exciting cars for 2010". The Equus is powered by the same engine used on the Hyundai Genesis an impressive V8 Tau 4.6L engine with 385HP, which compares to the Audi A8 V8 4.2L engine, Hyundai also added an optional V8 5.0L Tau engine with 429HP, Hyundai's Tau engine was named as the top 10 Best Engine Awards by Ward's in 2009 alongside with the Volkswagen's 2.0L TDI and BMW's 3.0L turbocharged engines, this was a real honor for Hyundai's engineering team making it the first time to be mentioned by Ward's 10 Best Engines list which are voted on by Ward's AutoWorld magazine. Since their first mention on the "Top 10 Engines" list the Hyundai 4.6L Tau engine was also named in 2010 while the new V8 5.0L Tau engine was named on Ward's 10 Best Engines for 2011 along side the Audi V6 3.0L supercharged engine.

hyundai limoThe Equus limousine arrived to Canada with a longer modified platform, powered by the Tau V8 5.0L engine with an elegant and luxurious interior, while the Equus presidential limousine features bulletproof glass windows and a new V8 5.5L engine. The 2012 Equus in Canada doesn't have a base series but rather two packages the Equus Signature and the Equus Ultimate, they are both fully loaded including leather seats, sunroof, GPS navigation system, backup camera, proximity entry with alarm and push button start.. While the Equus Signature adds rear cooled seats, rear seat monitoring camera and rear seat with massage system and leg support.

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